Songs of Regression

by Nordland

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3rd Album by Nordland


released April 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Nordland England, UK

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Track Name: The White Raven
Gathered under a thousand stars, offerings are given to the marshlands.

Tribal chants, discordant songs, echo through the hillside on the breeze.

Like the silent forests, time stands dormant as a mountain. And the weakling dawn light is swallowed in the stillness of the morning.

Entwined upon my iron stained skin, the beasts of the wildwood play. Dancing in the endless hunt.

And from the clouds comes a call beyond the endless god of the sky, where dawn awakens to cries on the wind.

Ritual of bone and soil, embers slowly rise. illuminating sacred kin, with hollow eyes and pale skin.

With Eyes of wolf and wings of carrion born,
We before the dawn, await your final call.

Beneath the great hall of the sky we all shall live and we all shall die

White raven, witness the sun wheels descent, as old oaks shed their leaves.The marshlands, fall silent in the dark.

And through the swirling mists we gather at the coastline
And look towards the horizon...
Track Name: The Stone Spiral
I am mountains, I am stone and river, I am clay and fire. I am death, destroyer, I am life, birth giver.

Gathered at the lake, to places of reflection
To stare upon the other world, to look into their eyes

The gateways are the still waters, sacrifice must be given to life
Our lifeblood spills into black marsh waters
Like the great serpent it sleeps before we awaken

The stone spiral coils underneath the mountain
Like the great serpent it sleeps before we awaken

The old and weathered rock, a place where gods once stood
They left their sign for us. Their heritage in our blood

The path of the true kin its journey unending. the serpent, the great one, the will of the stone. the spiral, the cycle, the path of the chosen. Under the mountain and under the sky.

When skies are black you feed the land, you pierce the sky with your spear and make it bleed. white flame flashes through the clouds, under your deafening battle cry that fills our hearts with pride.

I am the watcher, the hunted, the seer, the wisdom of ages, the will of the land.
I am the warrior, the hunter, the spear, the stalker in grey mist, the ending of man.
Track Name: The Leaf
Awaken in sunlight's gaze, cold breath of morning brings new life
Through ages past all have fallen as I will fall.

Through the dawn I grow strong absorbing light to nourish the one
Through wind and rain I will remain true in spirit
As summer burns we darken the earth
Hiding the hunter and protecting the prey

Autumn approaches and I now know time is a heartless mistress

Weakening in the dying embers of the passing sun

Old man winter creeps ever onward this first day

My time has come, I drift to damp earth, there to rot to soil, and start the rebirth.
The blood in my veins is not my blood it is your blood

It is the blood of a thousand ages past, it is heritage, it is knowledge.
Share it only with those who know the path.

Asleep in the belly of the wolf
Adrift in an ocean of black stars
The red ochre stains my skin absorbing wisdom from within

The great horns, beast like, as twisted as yew, erupt from old wounds,
They grow as wisdom grows and tell the fate of the whole world.
Track Name: The Sentinel
Come the one he who breathes life, and whispers death.
He who shatters the silent sky.

And splits the bones of the earth.
Passionless and cold, unknowing and endless

In a dream I came to you, granted visions of a time yet to come
Cities burning, and the wailing of children, the ages of man are left in ruin in the final conflagration.

I am bound as are others who walk in silence to he who bore the distant horizon.

Circle of the ages
Circle of the ashes
Until time becomes a memory

The hunters eye stares out from unending night.

Lidless, unshaken.

Crushing your unworthy spirit with the unbearable weight of his will

Those who stray from the path should walk in eternal shame, towards the oak.

There you will be hung, without pity, by those who have honour, by those without mercy.
Track Name: The Flame
Life giver, our solar father, ever burning god
Witness to countless lives, eternally Emperor of the sky

We worship you for all time
Your golden rays shape our thought, bring us comfort with the dawn.

We raise our shrines to you, kill in your name
Fall to our knees in awe at your majesty
Civilisations fall and slowly we forget you
But we remain, dependants all, our master (we who bore the stars)

Life evolves we turn away from you but silently you watch
We move on, our appetite consumes, deeper into darkness
The day will come when you’ll rise again and we will all…
Look to the skies.

Earth will turn to clay, clay will turn to ash, ash will turn to dust.

A day will come when even you will die and turn ever black
Destroyer of worlds, eater of light, eternally….. you are dead
Track Name: The Cleansing
Battalions gather in the black dawn skies
Their weapons are storm and lightning strike
A calm before the storm

A distant overture, thunder from the north
The great one will forever look on, with cold indifference
He knows the cycle, he has see it many times before

Unleash the tidal battery
Storm-front advance!
The spearhead is deadening lands

At the word, ride the winds
And destroy all before us
As chaos takes hold,
lightning strikes burn the earth

Maelstrom unleashed,
The deafening cries of war in the sky

Mountains of ash appear on horizons
And the cold cracks the stones
Fire and ice united in pact

Under the black skies now bleeding
A stillness returns to the world

A stillness
A silence

Under the black skies now bleeding
Hiding the wounds of the Earth
Silence returns
Awaiting the signs of rebirth
Track Name: The World Serpent
I stood alone upon the highest mountain
Far above me the blood red storm clouds choked the sky.

I watched the light die
I saw the ravens fly
I wept for mankind
I am the end times

Once all the stars in the sky where bright
Now they're dead and fading
Warmth from the sun lit the fire in my heart
Now I lay in the shadows hiding my eyes.

Beyond the edge of the world the serpent lays, swallowing his tail in circle of creation.
Out amongst the waves we hear his songs. At war with the sky

Kneel at the foot of the oak
Prostrate before the gates of dawn
Chanting sacred lore
Of knowledge unbound

Those of the old blood are bound

Speakers of the true ways
Warriors heathen born

Take your spear and pierce the sky

Rain to wash seed to soil
Soil to mix with blood and bone
Blood and bone to feed the serpent

Your body is the rock, the mountains
Your breath is the mist, swirling over oceans wide
The oceans are your tears, weeping for the kin less.
The winds are your mournful voice telling tales so old.